This website "Crickworld4u" is operated by CRICKWORLD Inc., and this privacy policy applies only to this website. CRICKWORLD4U Inc, believes that classified information, supplied to us by our customers is confidential. These terms below outline our Online Privacy Statement so you as customer agree to the collection, use and revelation of your private information as described.
To place an order on our website you are required to register. You do not need to register to browse the website. When creating a registry you are required to share your contact information with us; name, email address, cell phone, address and credit card number. Your order(s) and shipping confirmation will be sent via Email. This account information is not shared with anyone without your authority.
When placing an order through our website we need your name, email address, billing address, shipping address, cell phone number, credit card number/expiration date and CVV. This information is only used for billing purposes only. If there are any issues concerning your order, this basic contact information will be used by the company only to contact you regarding your order.
Cookies are files stored on your computer hard drive by your browser. These cookies help us identify our account holders and optimize their shopping experience. They do not include any information that will classify you personally. Cookies also allow us to hold selections in your online shopping cart when you leave our site without checking out. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but allow you to disable them if you wish.
If you have any questions please contact us at support@crickworld4u.com

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